Monticello Grille House & Wine Bar in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada - Great Steak House in a Mediterranean Style
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Monticello Italian Steakhouse

Best Steakhouse you will experience.  Serving Certified Angus beef in an Italian fashion and the finest in all you can eat appetizers sets Monticello Italian Steakhouse above all.  Toronto, Chicago , New York or L.A. you will not find anything like it.  Not just your average Steakhouse.  Set in a old 1901 building with a rustic, and casual atmosphere Monticello will  leave you totally impressed.   Come bring the family and live and eat like an Italian because we will crush you with great food.  For those of you who enjoy great food, BON APPETITE

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Vistit our new esablishment with our all new 

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Monticello Grille House & Wine Bar
5645 Victoria Ave. Niagara Falls Ont. L2G 3L5
905.357.4888 or 1.800.843.5251 Fax 905.357.4222